Yes absolutely you can! The videos are made so that people with no experience in martial art can follow them (there are examples of training videos in the free video section you can see before joining). The videos are very detailed it will almost be like taking a private lesson. I even use Completely new students in many of my videos so that you can see exactly how I guide new people. With every video there is a forum where you can ask specific questions if you have any problems with the technique that is shown in that video. We also have a Facebook group, where you can join and ask more general questions and feel like a member of our family.

Some other benefits you will have with online training is; In a normal martial arts school when you get home from training and you can`t remember how exactly a technique is done, you will have to wait until the next training session before you can get the answer, with online training you just see the video again right away. You can train exactly when it suites you, if you have kids and cannot leave the house after dark to attend martial arts classes, no problem anymore.

Training with your child is a very good way to bond with your child I know that from myself I have 3 daughters. Children of different ages does however need different forms of training you can expect much more from a 12 year old than you can from a 5 year old, I divide children in groups:

5-8 years (Wolf kids) almost only playing Wing Tsun Do, no join locks, no hard weapons and no lethal techniques.

8-12 years (Tiger kids) a lot of playing Wing Tsun Do, no hard weapons, no strangulations and no lethal techniques. Start to do join locks very gentle.

12-16 years (Dragons kids) can train the same program as the adults, but Of course safety is very important and the training still have to be fun.

16-100 years. (Adults) always safety first , no ego and have fun. Older people don’t have the speed and flexibility as younger people, respect that. Never hurt a training partner.

Of course some children mature faster than others and if I can see that a child would be better off in another group then after talking to the child (and parents) then I`ll move it to the new group before they reach the age for that group.

The children’s program is basically the same as the adults, just pay attention to the above mentions. When you train with weapons use a folded newspaper and not a real cane. Instead of hitting you can tickle the child and make a fun game of it, they will still learn martial arts but it is much more fun for them in that way especially with small children. Never be too serious have fun.

To be effective in martial art you do need a partner to practice with. Solo exercises are a very useful thing to have the days a training partner is not available. Many of the techniques are shown as solo exercises also once you have learnt the moves you can put them together in a series and drill them like you would do in an aerobics class with your own favorite music. This way you will get a great work out and train martial art at the same time. If you have a wish to be graduated and get recognition for your hard work via taking a belt test, you will however need a partner.

7 years is the fastest possible time to get black belt. Usually it will take longer because most people also have other things in their life other than training.

We are well aware that it takes at partner to become competent in Wing Tsun Do and for that reason you can sign up ONE free training partner. Your training partner will get her/his own log in and password. Don’t share password and log in with others (You don’t want to give other people access to your personal information). You can train with more people if you want no problem. If they want access to the online training and the benefits that comes with that, they must make their own account.

If you wish to stop you go to your account and press “cancel membership”. Your partner will be notified the next time he/she tries to log on to their account that they must up-grade their account with their own credit card information to get access to the online training.

In this case you will both need to find a new training partner. After that you go to your account and press “quit training partner” and press “add training partner” and follow the instructions. Your partner will get a message the next time he/she tries to log in to their account that they must up-grade their account with their own credit card information to get access to the online training and after that they press “add Training partner”.

Yes! All programs have weapons, grappling and kung fu techniques from the very beginning.

29 us dollars per month for this price you can join and add one free training partner to your account (that is optional). No there are no hidden fees - There are however a fee of 25 us dollars if you want to take a belt test (the belt test is optional).

To join and train Wing Tsun Do you don’t need any extra things. In the beginning start by training in cloth that you feel is comfortable training in, you can use madras’ s or cardboard boxes for padding the floor when you are training on the ground and there are also many cheap ways to make homemade sandbags. Later if you want you can add more professional things but that is up to you.

No problem I have cross trained my whole life I will be the last to tell others not to do so. Depending on what your motives are for training with us, if you want to “borrow” some of our training to your own style, no problem (just remember where you got it from). If you want to change completely to our system depending on what style you come from there will always be adjustments some more difficult than others. In any case as long as you have your heart in the right place you are very welcome.

That is no problem. If you already teach Judo or karate or whatever martial arts and you want to add our style to you school, there is no problem in that. People are different and want different things in their lifes`s and you will have more to offer in your martial arts school. Start taking our online course with your training partner, when you get to 9 student level (purple belt) you can become an official instructor of our style. Since you are already an instructor and you already have some teaching abilities it will be easier for you.

Yes. there are plenty of help to get.

1. Look at the video for details and train them with your partner.

2. Look at the forum next to the video for asked questions and see if you can find your answer there.

3. Make an appointment with me for video up-link and let’s look at how you are doing.